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 8693 English language Essay

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERCONTINENTAL EXAMINATIONS Basic Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level

THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LANGUAGE Conventional paper 1 Paragraphs for Brief review Additional Elements: *2705997241*


May/June 2010 2 hours

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BROWSE THESE GUIDELINES FIRST If you have been given a solution Booklet, the actual instructions on the front cover of the Guide. Write your Centre number, candidate number and term on all of the checking you submit. Write in dark blue or black pen. Usually do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, stuff or correction fluid. Answer two queries. You will be reminded from the need for good English and clear demonstration in your answers. At the end with the examination, batten all your work securely collectively. The number of markings is given in brackets [ ] towards the end of each problem or part question.

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2 Answer two queries.


The next passage identifies the writer's experience by using an island off of the coast of Australia. (a) Comment on the style and terminology of the verse. [15]

(b) On his return home, Craig (the writer's friend) publishes articles an article for any travel publication. He provides a much more great view than his friend of a few aspects of his visit to this island then. Write the beginning to Craig's article (between 120-150 words). Base your answer carefully on the material of the initial extract. [10]

It is eight-thirty at night and we have finally arrived slap bang in the middle of a wild south-easterly squall, five hours north of Brisbane, Queensland, around the northern advantage of Fraser Island. The maps call it up Waddy Stage, but I do think badlands is somewhat more fitting. The ocean is a wasteland. The hundred kilometers of seashore we have merely banged each of our way up is a tacha landscape, and the coarse dune forest about us is actually a deafening wall membrane of white-static noise. The ferocious rain storm does not let up as we all struggle to shape the tarpaulin into a crude umbrella within the banksias*. We string the hammocks between the beach buggy's roll club and the trees using twenty feet of rope attached with pick up truck driver hitches, and yanked until the bedrooms are as tight as guitar strings. By the time we now have finished, were drenched, because ravenous while bush pigs, and hover like solemn, dishevelled ghosts aimless in regards to what to do up coming. The pushchair looks as if it has been looted by madmen. Exhausted, we squelch in to our slings as the rain clatters on the tarpaulin like a , 000, 000 shot fingernails or toenails, and occasionally flushes soaking waterfalls around our heads. My spouse and i fell into a doze, astonished that I in fact felt tired, and considered what would become people tomorrow, through this place close to the world. The winds that hung from your hammocks criticized through the historical forest such as a horde of spoilt kids. The tarpaulin flapped because frantic as a beast looking to fly – but I had been too tired to attention, and slowly and gradually the rampage around me personally found a rhythm, and I drifted into gentle and rocking hands. I woke on the cold of pre-dawn to an odd greyness that were cast down, as if by another world. The ocean shivered just like no-man's terrain, cruel and unforgiving, and the magnitude of this island made me feeling somewhat frail and destitute. I actually glanced surrounding the campsite, as though in a trick, and pondered what the heck I had let myself in for. The clean dune the camp can be burrowed into is a batterie of best lawn under a fragile skylight of banksias. The worn tarpaulin wobbled with lakes. My personal mate Craig stirred and smiled up from his cocoon, and I set to process for a heart-starter of caffeine using just about every trick available to mild a damp fire. I finally resorted to melting my eye brows with a bucketful of petrol and a tossed meet. Shirtless, and our moist and stinky jeans (and me reeking of scorched hair), we wandered just like street children onto the rim with the dunes. We all squatted inside the wet sand and consumed from our warm metal plastic mugs today, and smoked,...



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