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Football clubs that have won most trophies in the world (part 6)

Juventus (Italy, 63 trophies)             

Juventus has won 35 Serie A titles, 13 Coppa Italias, and 8 Supercoppa Italianas. No other football team in Italy have ever broken their records up to now. Therefore, Juventus may be the most decorated and also the most successful football club in Italy.

In the continental and intercontinental competitions, Juventus have won two Intercontinental Cups, three UEFA Cups, two UEFA Super Cups, two UEFA Champions Leagues, one European Cup Winners’ Cup, and one UEFA Intertoto Cup.

Juventus ranks first as the most successful Italian club, according to the Italian Football Fedration (FIGC) ranking. In terms of the titles and trophies they have won, Juventus ranks 5th in Europe and 11th in the whole world. Legends such as Roberto Baggio and Michel Platini and stars such as Gianluigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo played some time in Juventus during their careers.

Galatasaray (Turkey, 61 trophies)

Galatasaray is the most successful club in Turkey. In addition to a number of domestic trophies (22 Super Lig titles, 18 Turkish Cups, and 16 Turkish Super Cups), they have also won UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup in 2000, which helped them become the first Turkish club to have won a big UEFA competition.

Galatasaray is also one of the three Turkish teams to have taken part in all seasons of the Super Lig since 1959. The four stars above their club crest is a symbol of their 20th championship in the Super Lig of Turkey with each star representing five championships.

Anderlecht (Belgium, 60 trophies)

Anderlecht is the most successful club in Belgium. They have won 34 Belgian First Division A and 5 European titles and also won the Belgian Cup nine times. Anderlecht is the only club in Belgium to have won the most consecutive Belgian league titles.

They have also won several European titles, such as 2 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, 2 UEFA Super Cups, and 1 UEFA Cup.

Football clubs that have won most trophies in the world (part 5)

Manchester United (England, 71 trophies)

Man United may not be the most successful football club in the world, but is widely believed to be the most successful club in England. In addition to their trophies including 21 FA Community Shields, 20 League titles, 12 FA Cups, and 5 League Cups, MU has been home to many famous football players such as David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Peter Schmeichel, Eric Contona, Marl Hughes, and Sir Alex Ferguson to name a few.

Led by Sir Alex Ferguson, MU won 38 trophies, consisting of 13 Premier League, 5 FA Cups, and 2 UEFA Champions Leagues. In 2019, the club also held a record as the world’s most valuable club with their value reaching up to $3.81 billion.

Ajax (Netherlands, 70 trophies)

With 34 Eredivisie titles, 19 KNVB Cups, 4 Champions Leagues, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and 1 UEFA Cup, Ajax are the most decorated club in the Netherlands and are also one of four teams in the world to have won Club World Cup and three continental trophies in the same season. So, they are one of the highly-regarded clubs in the world.

The club is named after the mythological Greek hero Ajax whose portrait is on the club’s crest. Legendary Johan Cruyff played in Ajax from 1959 to 1973 and 1981 to 1983 and won three European cups with the club. He also managed the club from 1985 to 1988.

Bayern Munich (Germany, 70 trophies)

Bayern Munich is the best and most successful football club in Germany. The club has won 29 Bundesliga titles, 3 consecutive European Cups, and is the only German club to have won both Club World Cup and Intercontinental Cup.

Their major non-domestic trophies are one FIFA Club World Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, one European Cup Winners’ Cup, one UEFA Cup, and two Intercontinental Cups.

Football clubs that have won most trophies in the world (part 4)

Benfica (Portugal, 84 trophies)

Benfica is the only football team in Portugal to have won the Primeira Liga 38 times, and Taco de Portugal 26 times. It is surely the most successful football club in Portugal. In terms of European competitions, Benfica’s best record is to have won two European Cups in a row, namely from 1960 to 1962.

The 84 trophies the club has in the bag include 80 domestic trophies (37 Primeira Liga titles, 26 Taça da Liga, Taça de Portugal, eight Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, and three Campeonato de Portugal) and four international trophies (two European Cups, one Latin Cup, and one Iberian Cup). Benfica also hold the record of the record for the longest unbeaten run in Primeira Liga and the most consecutive wins in domestic league.

Olympiacos (Greece, 75 trophies)

Olympiacos are the most decorated club in Greece thanks to its 44 Greek Super League, 27 Greek Cup titles, and four Greek Super Cup titles.

When it comes to the number of trophies won, Olympiacos remain unrivalled in Greece since all other Greek football clubs have won a total of 39 league titles.

Olympiacos is the world’s only football club to hold the record of having won a series of five consecutive championships for five times. Olympiacos is also the first club in Greek to have won an international title (Balkans Cup in 1963).

Porto (Portugal, 74 trophies)

Porto has won 28 Primeira Liga, 21 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, 16 Taça de Portugal, and four Campeonato de Portugal titles.

In terms of international torphies, Porto is the leading club in Portugal with seven trophies (two UEFA Champions Leagues and two UEFA Cups).

With 23 appearances in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, Porto has had the most appearances in the competition, only behinds Real Madrid and Barcelona with 24 appearances for each team. Porto are nicknamed Dragons for the fire-breathing dragon at the top club crest.

Football clubs that have won most trophies in the world (part 3)

Barcelona (Spain, 91 trophies)

Barcelona is usually considered to be the most successful football club of all time. Whether it is true or not, it is undoubted that the Catalan club is among the greatest clubs in the history of football. Barcelona’s motto means More Than A Club (Més que un club).  Unlike many other football clubs, Barcelona is owned and run by supporters.

Barcelona has earned 30 Copa del Rey, 26 LaLiga, 13 Supercopa de España, 3 Copa Eva Duarte, and 2 Copa de la Liga trophies. It is also the only football team the world to have won up to three trophies in two seasons, namely 2008-09 and 2014-15. In 2008-09 season they, Barcelona also won FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and Spanish Super Cup, to become the first Spanish football club to win six trophies just in one year.

Real Madrid (Spain, 90 trophies)

Only one trophy behind Barcelona, Real Madrid’s brightest record is their Champions League victories from 2016 to 2018 to become the only club to have won three Champions Leagues back to back.

In their country, Real is also a big record holder with the most domestic titles won and the most successive seasons won in a row. Although Real don’t rank first in the list of the football clubs having earned most trophies in the world, they are really successful and famous.

All in all, within their own country, Real have won 65 trophies, consisting of 19 Copa del Rey, 33 LaLiga titles, 11 Supercopa de España, a Copa de la Liga, and a Copa Eva Duarte. When it comes to European and international competitions, Real has 13 UEFA Champions League titles, 7 club world championships, 4 UEFA Super Cups, and 2 UEFA Cups in the bag. Real Madrid also hold the record for longest unbeaten run at home in LaLiga.

Football clubs that have won most trophies in the world (part 2)

Club Nacional de Football (Uruguay, 113 trophies)

Club Nacional de Football is the most successful club in Uruguay and also the third football team with most trophies in the world. The club has won the Primera División title 46 times, Copa de Honor 7 times, and Copa de Competencia 8 times. In addition, they have also won 21 international titles, including three Copa Libertadores.

Nacional is the only club of Uruguay to have won the Copa Interamericanas and the Recopa Sudamericana, which is an annual international football club competition held by CONMEBOL since 1988. According to International Federation of Football History and Statistics, Nacional is the seventh best football team in South America and the best team in Uruguay during the period from 2001 to 2010.

Atletico Penarol (Uruguay, 108 trophies)

Atletico Penarol is the second most successful football club in Uruguay and the fourth club with most trophies in the world. They were named South American Club of the Century in 2009 by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics that awarded them 531 points based on their victories in international competitions.

The club has won several worthy trophies, including Copa Libertadores (5 times), ntercontinental Cup (3 times), Intercontinental Champions’ Supercup (1 times), ICopa de Honor Cousenier (3 times), Tie Cup (1 time), and Supercopa Uruguaya (1 time).

Celtic (Scotland, 105 trophies)

Celtic is a football giant in Scotland and the world’s fifth football club with the most trophies. The club has won 50 Scottish League titles, 39 Scottish Cups, and 19 Scottish League Cups.

The golden era of Celtic was in 1966-67 when they reaped the European Cup to become the first British team to have won the trophy, in addition to the Scottish league championship, the League Cup, the Glasgow Cup, and the Scottish Cup altogether in just one season.

Football clubs that have won most trophies in the world (part 1)

Which is the football club with most trophies in the world? Let’s keep reading the list below to get more surprised.

Al Ahly (Egypt, 118 trophies)

In terms of the most trophies won ever in the football world, Al Ahly from Egypt with 118 trophies so far is the number one. Their trophies include more than 90 domestic and others are confederation and worldwide trophies from FIFA Club World Cup, CAF Super Cup, Arab Club Champions Club, Egypt Cup, Egyptian Super Cup, Egyptian Premier League, Sultan Hussein Cup, and CAF Cup Winners’ Cup. Although Al Ahly is way behind the most successful football clubs in the world, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, the club has truly won the most trophies in the world.

Founded in 1907 in Cairo, Al Ahly is widely known as the club of the century. Up to now, Al Ahly has won 36 national cups, 41 Egyptian Premier League titles, and 11 national super cups. Al Ahly also remain number one in terms of football teams that have broken their record yet.

Rangers (Scotland, 115 trophies)

Founded in 1872, Rangers is the fourth oldest club in Scotland and also the world’s football club that has won most domestic trophies, including 54 league titles, 33 Scottish Cups, and 27 Scottish League Cups. They may not be one of the most successful clubs in the world but they are the most decorated club in Scotland thanks to the number of domestic trophies they have won.

Known as the rivals to Celtic, Rangers is the only club in lower leagues of Scotland to have won every Scottish trophy in a season. Rangers are not one of the most successful football clubs in the world, they are among the most celebrated ones in their country and among the football clubs with most trophies in the world.

Top football clubs that have the most fans in the world (part 5)


According to some sources, Arsenal have about 125 million fans all over the world. However, other sources say the number is not that big – only about 70 million. Whatever the number is, it can’t be denied that the Gunners is one of the most supported football clubs in the world.

Arsenal fans are called Gooners, actually a derivation from the club’s nickname, the Gunners. Arsenal is the first Premier League club that has sold a percentage of its shares to fans, allowing them to attend its shareholders meetings. Most of Arsenal fans are in England, Africa, North America, and Asian countries.

Arsenal has around 37 million followers on Facebook, 17.5 million on Instagram, and 15.7 million on Twitter. Some famous people and celebrities who are Arsenal fans include Fidel Castro (Cuban communist leader), Elizabeth II (the queen of England), Jay-Z (American musician and song writer), Piers Morgan (English TV personality), Dido (English singer and song writer), David Gilmour and Roger Waters (the guitarist and the bassist of Pink Floyd rock band). And the most notorious terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Ladin, was also an Arsenal fan.

Manchester City

Since Manchester City moved to their new stadium, City of Manchester Stadium, in 2003, the number of attendances has increased quickly. And now the club is one of the top 5 clubs in England when it comes to average match attendances.

Some sources believe the number of City fans is more than 100 million while some others say it is only between 70 and 80 million. But it can’t be ignored that Man City’s fans are among the most loyal fans in the world. The City’s official fans club called MCFC Official Supporters’ Club has now over 240 branches with at least 19,000 members in many countries across the globe.

City have almost 40 million followers on Facebook, around 19 million followers on Instagram, and about 8 million on Twitter. Some of the famous people who are City fans include Becky Lynch (WWE female wrestler), Will Greenwood (Rugby World Cup winner), Liam and Noel Gallagher (Oasis band member), and David Hasselhoff (American actor who holds the Guinness record as the most watched man on TV).

Top football clubs that have the most fans in the world (part 4)

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain is not the world’s most supported football club but in France, it is the most popular one with 22 percent of all the nation’s football fans being their supporters. This club has a fan base of 35 million. However, other sources claim that the number may be doubled: something around 70 million. In their first three years of formation, Paris Saint-Germain was a fan-owned club with around 15,000 members having paid an annual fee of 25 to 40 francs to hold up the club.

Unluckily, PSG fans have a long history of hooliganism with even one murder case in 2010 when a fan named Yann Lorence was killed in a clash with Marseille fans.

PSG has more than 40 million follewers on Facebook, 29 million on Instagaram, and 7.7 million on Twitter. Famous people including the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, former top Belarusian tennis player, Victoria Azarenka, and former NBA player, Tony Parker, and celebrities like US rapper, Tyga, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, and Rihanna, are all PSG fans.


A study published in 2015 showed that Liverpool with 580 million supporters are the second football club after Manchester United having the highest number of supporters in the world. But real numbers may be different. Some other sources claim that the number is just more than 70 million. Liverpool also has 300 official fans clubs in more than 90 countries all around the world, according to their official website. Like PSG fans, Liverpool fans have a long history of hooliganism behind them, too.

Liverpool has near 37 million followers on Facebook, around 26 million on Instagram, and only 450,000 on Twitter. Many celebrities and famous people are Liverpool fans, including the American actress and Brad Pitt’s wife, Angelina Jolie, the famous English-Irish singer and song writer, Chris de Burgh, WWE wrestler, Sheamus, hip-hop pioneer, Dr. Dre, UK’s big comedian, John Bishop, and Hollywood actor, Liam Neeson.

Top football clubs that have the most fans in the world (part 3)


Juventus may not be the world’s most supported football club but according to the figure announced by Italian research agency Demos & Pi in 2016, it is surely the most supported club in Italy with 34 percent of all Italian football fans participating in their fan base. The number of Juventus fans has grown since 2016, so the number could be even higher now. It is said that the total number of Juventus fans is 300 million, including 41 million in Europe and 12 million in Italy.

However, some other sources show that the number of Juventus fans is 180 million all around the world. Whatever the number may be, it is sure that Juventus is one of the world’s most supported football clubs.

Bayern Munich

When it comes to fan membership, Bayern Munich is the most supported football club in Germany. Bayern has more than 293,000 supporters, according to a recent survey by Some even claim that this team is the world’s most supported football club, concerning the number of its fan members. Whether it is true or not, they have people such as Pope Benedict XVI among their members. Considering that they have won 69% of all domestic titles in the current decade, it is no need to wonder they have attracted this number of members.

Unluckily, there is not much information about the total number of Bayern fans. We can only guess that by the number of followers the Bundesliga giant has on social media, though that is not a precise measure. The club has near 50 million followers on Facebook, more than 21 million on Instagram, and about 5 million on Twitter. According to a 2017 survey carried out by the club in North America, the Bavarians has supporters in all 50 US states with 43 percent of their fans being under 25 and 20 percent of them being female.

Top football clubs that have the most fans in the world (part 2)

Manchester United

In 2013, Manchester United was announced to have had 659 million fans. However, many football pundits said this number was unrealistic and it should be something around 127 million. Whatever the number is, Man Utd has always valued their fans.

Around 400 celebrities and famous people support Man Utd, such as Brad Pitt (actor), Jamie Delgado (tennis player), Darren Campbell (athlete), Andy Goldstein (TV and radio presenter), Lex Luger (WWE wrestler), Jamie Moore (boxer), Kim Jong-un (North Korea leader), Shahrukh Khan (Indian actor), and Victoria Beckham (singer and the wife of David Beckham).

Man Utd have more than 72 million followers on Facebook, around 35 million on Instagram, and around 22 million on Twitter. They seem to be most popular on Facebook. There are more than 200 branches of the Red Devils’ Supporters Club in more than 23 countries around the world. They have also a customer base of 11 million including all fans who completed at least one financial transaction with the club.


Chelsea is one of the football teams with most fans in the world, having around 145 million fans around the world, although this number comes from no reliable source. The Blues have near 48 million followers on Facebook, around 22 million on Instagram, and 14.3 million on Twitter. It is said that most of Chelsea fans are plastic fans (or fake fans) whose support for a team is determined by merely the glories and the success a team has achieved rather than geography or family ties. If they see another team is more successful, they will change to support that team.

Chelsea fans are said to be plastic fans since the club’s fan base hugely grew overnight as in 2003, the club’s president, Roman Abramovich, pumped his billions into the club. However, not all Chelsea fans follow that rule since some celebrities and famous people have always been supporting the club, such as Bill Clinton (former US President), Bryan Adams (singer), Charlize Theron (Hollywood actress), Kevin Garnett (NmBA player), Will Ferrel (Hollywood actor), Lord Richard Attenborough (film director), and Gordon Ramsay (TV chef), who seem to love the team for just what they are.

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