Monetary Markets and Services: Launch and Summary

 Financial Market segments and Solutions: Introduction and Overview Essay


Financial Marketplaces and Companies (FMS)

Address 1 Intro and Overview of Financial System

Module Aims:

This component examines the role from the financial marketplaces, its players and the tools on the overall economy and the position of Singapore as a economic centre. The module will even trace the partnership between the various markets as well as its participants with emphasis given to current incidents, trends and development inside the markets.

Component Assessment

Module Schedule of topics (Appendix 1)

Coursework Components (Appendix2) including Job Outline/ Stealing subjects Form/Peer Evaluation

Reference Text message:

Economical Markets and Institutions in Singapore

Tan Chwee Huat eleventh edition Singapore University Press

Other Sources:

Web sites of financial institutions, IBF, MAS, SGX, Investopedia, Wikidpedia and other fund sites.

Module Leader/Lecturer/tutors:


Telephone Numbers


Component Leader & tutor

Mrs. Tay Gek Huan

64606953 / 97830378

[email protected] edu. sg


Mr. Chong Kek Weng


[email protected] edu. sg

Guitar tutor

Mr. Tag Terence


[email protected] edu. sg


Ms Michelle Lim Yun Pei


[email protected] edu. sg

Spiel 1 Objectives

Introduce the economic, financial system and markets

Understand the economical role of economic markets

Know how funds will be transferred

Lecture Outline

1 . 1Definitions and idea of economic, economic climate and marketplaces 1 . a couple of Economic function of financial market segments

1 . 3Two methods of Transfer of funds (direct vs indirect)

1 . you Introduction

Economical and Economic climate


Study of how society decides what gets produced and exactly how, and whom gets what. The 2 limbs of Economics, _____________ and ___________________________ research individual making decisions units just like households, organization firms and aggregate or perhaps total conduct of all households and companies.


The study of how the ______________ coordinates and channels the flow of funds coming from lenders to borrowers and vice versa and just how new funds are created by financial intermediaries during the credit process. Broadly speaking, it research the ________________and _________________ in the production, spending and financing decisions.


Anything acceptable and generally used since payment to get goods and services

Excess Spending Units (SSUs)

Spending Units including households or firms in whose ________________ surpass their ___________________.

Deficit Spending Units (DSUs)

Spending Products such as households or firms whose spendings _________________ their particular incomes.

Classification and Concept of a Financial Devices

A well organized, efficient, efficiently functioning financial system is an important of a modern, extremely specialised overall economy.

The financial system offers a mechanism of whereby someone unit that is certainly an SSU may conveniently make available cash to DSUs who want to spend a lot more than their current income. This can be a framework of ________________, _____________and _________ to facilitate the ______________of saved funds coming from ______________ (savers or SSUs) to _______________ (borrowers or perhaps DSUs).

Financial system interposed between ______________ of ______________, ___________________ and financial devices (financial _________________of savers and financial ___________________ of borrowers).

Exchanges through lending and borrowing made possible by simply participants' ____________ __________ ____________ in favour of upcoming consumption.

Total Saving

Household Saving

(income not invested in consumption)

Expense in recently constructed Excessive funds accessible to

homes be lent in financial markets

Business Keeping

(Income certainly not distributed to owners of business firm)

Investment in new capital...



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