Cultivating Literacy Development in Children

 Fostering Literacy Development in Young Children Dissertation

Fostering Literacy Development in Young Children

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In the modern society, words and phrases are just about everywhere. They are in signs, labels, in catalogs, on computer screens, Televisions, advertisements, and many more materials that exist within the instant environment. It is because of this that young children know about words and letters whether or not they cannot but comprehend the respective connotations. Young children could recognize this kind of environmental printing as a end sign, or certain labels, or product brand names, just before them having the ability to read (Melzi & Ely 2009; Whitehurst & Lonigan 1998). This awareness and recognition is referred to as emergent literacy. According to the Lender Street Guide to Literacy internet site (2001), you will find four key stages to achieving literacy: Emergent пѓ Early пѓ Early Fluent пѓ Fluent. The earliest stage, emergent literacy, consists of the awareness of the written terminology and the ‘skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are the precursors to studying and writing' (Whitehurst and Lonigan, 98: 848). However literacy, as opposed to spoken vocabulary, does not simply ‘happen'. It ought to be learnt and children must be guided in both reading and writing. For parents to foster literacy interest in children, there are two areas that ought to be paid attention to: environment and practice. The environment is definitely central into a child's learning ability, and creating a single where children have easy access to literature of various varieties will generally have a good influence issues ability to get literacy skills (Melzi & Eli 2009; Roskos & Neuman 2001; Whitehurst & Lonigan 1998; Xue, & Meisels 2004). A living space that is filled with resources, just like word and picture posters, kids books, toys and games or game titles with educational purposes is an ideal environment for emergent reader/ writers, and one that is conducive to expanding a child's involvement in developing their very own existing skills further. Not only do they begin to recognize words naturally (Xue, & Meisels, 2004), but as...

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