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The 10 most successful clubs in the modern era of Premier League

The Premier League is 28 years old with only Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Everton having remained part of the furniture.

In total, there are 49 different clubs having competed in the top flight since its rebrand in 1992. We have ranked all 49 of those clubs based on total points accumulated, seasons spent in the league, and average points per game to figure out the 10 most successful clubs in the modern era of the league.

Total points 1992-2020

In spite of going seven seasons without winning the tittles, Manchester United retains a 223-point lead at the top of the Premier League table of all time. Arsenal is the only other team to have passed 2000 points and Chelsea and Liverpool complete the top four.

Here is the list of top ten:

10. West Ham – 1,137 points

9. Aston Villa – 1,258 points

8. Newcastle – 1,316 points

7. Manchester City – 1,450 points

6. Everton – 1,476 points

5. Tottenham – 1,654 points

4. Liverpool – 1,948 points

3. Chelsea – 1,997 points

2. Arsenal – 2,011 points

1. Manchester United – 2,234 points

Seasons spent in Premier League

Only six clubs have been able to take part in all of the 28 Premier League editions. Beyond that six, Newcastle United and Aston Villa have only spent three years outside of the top flight.

Of the rest, nine clubs, including Southampton, Fulham, Blackburn, West Brom, Leicester, Leeds, Bolton, Sunderland, and Stoke, have all endured spells in League One or below.

Average points per game

In terms of average points per game, the top 10 clubs in the league are below.

10. Everton – 1.37 points

9. Newcastle – 1.37 points

8. Blackburn – 1.39 points

7. Leeds – 1.48 points

6. Tottenham – 1.54 points

5. Man City – 1.63 points

4. Liverpool – 1.81 points

3. Chelsea – 1.86 points

2. Arsenal – 1.87 points

1. Man Utd – 2.08 points.

Football clubs that have won most trophies in the world (part 5)

Manchester United (England, 71 trophies)

Man United may not be the most successful football club in the world, but is widely believed to be the most successful club in England. In addition to their trophies including 21 FA Community Shields, 20 League titles, 12 FA Cups, and 5 League Cups, MU has been home to many famous football players such as David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Peter Schmeichel, Eric Contona, Marl Hughes, and Sir Alex Ferguson to name a few.

Led by Sir Alex Ferguson, MU won 38 trophies, consisting of 13 Premier League, 5 FA Cups, and 2 UEFA Champions Leagues. In 2019, the club also held a record as the world’s most valuable club with their value reaching up to $3.81 billion.

Ajax (Netherlands, 70 trophies)

With 34 Eredivisie titles, 19 KNVB Cups, 4 Champions Leagues, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and 1 UEFA Cup, Ajax are the most decorated club in the Netherlands and are also one of four teams in the world to have won Club World Cup and three continental trophies in the same season. So, they are one of the highly-regarded clubs in the world.

The club is named after the mythological Greek hero Ajax whose portrait is on the club’s crest. Legendary Johan Cruyff played in Ajax from 1959 to 1973 and 1981 to 1983 and won three European cups with the club. He also managed the club from 1985 to 1988.

Bayern Munich (Germany, 70 trophies)

Bayern Munich is the best and most successful football club in Germany. The club has won 29 Bundesliga titles, 3 consecutive European Cups, and is the only German club to have won both Club World Cup and Intercontinental Cup.

Their major non-domestic trophies are one FIFA Club World Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, one European Cup Winners’ Cup, one UEFA Cup, and two Intercontinental Cups.

Top football clubs that have the most fans in the world (part 2)

Manchester United

In 2013, Manchester United was announced to have had 659 million fans. However, many football pundits said this number was unrealistic and it should be something around 127 million. Whatever the number is, Man Utd has always valued their fans.

Around 400 celebrities and famous people support Man Utd, such as Brad Pitt (actor), Jamie Delgado (tennis player), Darren Campbell (athlete), Andy Goldstein (TV and radio presenter), Lex Luger (WWE wrestler), Jamie Moore (boxer), Kim Jong-un (North Korea leader), Shahrukh Khan (Indian actor), and Victoria Beckham (singer and the wife of David Beckham).

Man Utd have more than 72 million followers on Facebook, around 35 million on Instagram, and around 22 million on Twitter. They seem to be most popular on Facebook. There are more than 200 branches of the Red Devils’ Supporters Club in more than 23 countries around the world. They have also a customer base of 11 million including all fans who completed at least one financial transaction with the club.


Chelsea is one of the football teams with most fans in the world, having around 145 million fans around the world, although this number comes from no reliable source. The Blues have near 48 million followers on Facebook, around 22 million on Instagram, and 14.3 million on Twitter. It is said that most of Chelsea fans are plastic fans (or fake fans) whose support for a team is determined by merely the glories and the success a team has achieved rather than geography or family ties. If they see another team is more successful, they will change to support that team.

Chelsea fans are said to be plastic fans since the club’s fan base hugely grew overnight as in 2003, the club’s president, Roman Abramovich, pumped his billions into the club. However, not all Chelsea fans follow that rule since some celebrities and famous people have always been supporting the club, such as Bill Clinton (former US President), Bryan Adams (singer), Charlize Theron (Hollywood actress), Kevin Garnett (NmBA player), Will Ferrel (Hollywood actor), Lord Richard Attenborough (film director), and Gordon Ramsay (TV chef), who seem to love the team for just what they are.

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